hello I’m here again just because the wanted performed for the last time and I am REALLY REALLY SAD because I miss them and I miss this blog and I miss how things used to be

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ok weird people talking to me on kik… I did not think that through. IF you want to talk to me and you didn’t see that post then just message me :) 

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Please do! I know it may feel like not many people are talking to each other on here anymore but the fanmily are all disappearing and we can’t have you (one of my faves) go too xx

exactly! the whole fanmily is disappearing and I don’t even know who’s on my dash anymore I’m so lost. idek if the other people I was friend’s with are still here and EVERYTHING’S SO WRONG. I’m feeling bad for even thinking about leaving but idk what to do ):

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i’ll miss tyou on this one. but i followed your other one! :)

awww thank you! I’ll miss you too ):

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Aw sweetie we are gonna miss you on here! Don’t leave :((

thank you for saying this it really means a lot :’) and idek I’m not gonna delete my blog but idk if I’ll come back idk idk idk

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hello I just wanted to say something. I decided to listen to the wanted tonight after months of not listening to any of their songs. the song I chose was ”I’ll be your strenght” cause I remember this song helping me go through a lot of shit a couple of years ago and it just made me miss everything. It made me miss 2012 when I created this blog, the friends I had here, how we were all like together with this fucking love for them and how happy I used to be when I came here. it just seems like ages ago cause I thought my life was shit back in 2012 LOL it got even worse. I have no intention of continuing here tbh because I don’t talk to anyone and no one remembers me but i just felt like talking (even if with myself). 

so yeah thank you for being my friends when I needed the most (even though I still need lolz but that’s ok), thank you for complaining about the boys with me, thank you for sharing this huge love for them that I used to have. I still love them for sure but it’s just not the same anymore. A LOT of shit happened my mom passed away and my family turned their back on me and I lost my friends and I just changed. I became a shitter person than I was before and idk. 

IF any of you still wanna talk to me or don’t hate me already I have a blog which I actually use and it’s THIS one. I have no idea why I’m writing this but it felt right. most of all thank you the wanted for being here for me and for making me smile when I though I couldn’t. that’s it. 

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Okay this is me asking a really big favor

I know a lot of you know how much Tom means to me, how much Gold Forever means to me too, and how I’ve been through hell and back multiple times this past year. Well I really wanted to get tattooed on my wrist “Stay Gold Forever” in Tom’s hand writing, as a reminder for me to keep going when I don’t think I can’t anymore.

I feel really selfish for asking for peoples help, but i have really shit luck when it comes to meeting the boys, and I was really hoping that if anyone met Tom if they could get him to write that on a piece of paper for me? I’d be eternally grateful and figure out a way to repay you in any way I could. 

I don’t want any one who has VIP to ask him during that though because you spent a lot of money to be able to meet them. So if you meet him outside of a venue or something, if you remember, if you could, please get that for me. It’d mean the world to me that I could get my dream tattoo done because someone got him to write that for me.

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When Will I Not Be Attracted To Nathan Sykes a book by me 

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@nathansykes: ❤️ you all so much

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